Ray of Sunshine Shampoo Bar 80g


Ray of Sunshine in Patchouli and Orange

Patchouli helps strengthen hair roots, restore moisture balance on scalp to prevent or stop excessive hair fall.  It also prevents dandruff and other scalp irritations and will not leave your hair weighed down or greasy


Natural, handmade shampoo bar for those with dry/damaged hair.

Patchouli and Orange essential oils balance each other so the scent is not too heavy or too light.

100% Sulfate Free. All Natural Shampoo for Dry / Damaged hair.

Sulfate Free. Paraben-Free. Plastic-Free. Handmade and Locally Made.


Sodium cocoyl Isethionate | Coco Betaine | Stearic Acid |Cetyl Alcohol  |cetyl stearyl alcohol | BTMS |Jojoba Oil | polyquat 7 | Cetrimonium chloride | Dimethicone | Panthenol | phenoxyethanol | citric acid | essential/fragrance oil | Patchouli Extract | Orange Extract

Individual results vary.  Do not use if you have hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients listed above.  Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Since the bars are handmade no two bars are alike in shape, size, or color. Long term storage may affect color and fragrance.

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