Maskne Trio Gift Set


How to use the Maskne Spritzer:

  1. Wash and moisturize face before applying your mask
  2. Shake well to mix in extracts
  3. Spritz 1-2 sprays directly to your mask or to your face
  4. Wait for a few minutes
  5. Wear your mask

*Kids can directly spritz 1-2 sprays before using their gadgets to protect them from blue light radiation.

Packaging comes with white honeycomb fillers, a pink Vesté box, and a card. Perfect for all gift-giving occasions.

Maskne Spritzer 30ML

  • Protects from blue light skin damage
  • Prevent and Protect against Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile phone or other electronic devices.
  • Skin Energizer
  • Stimulates the skin’s natural defense mechanism.
  • Visible and lasting results.
  • Probiotic SkinCare
  • Preserves the skin microbiota
  • Regulates Skin pH
  • Can be used as a make-up setting spray.

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