Hi there!

VESTÉ is all about intentional self-care through skincare.  

It was founded in 2017 by two great friends who are passionate about making one’s skincare routine as an enjoyable practice. We believe in the power of taking a few minutes to solely focus on one’s self and dedicating a valuable me-time to recharge, reconnect, and get in tune with your body. We aim to share how routines and practices that are seemingly simple as massaging your face or applying a soothing facial oil after a hectic day can give profound healing.

“For us, skincare is a form of self-care; and beauty is so much more than surface level.”

This is why we always aim to create products with personal rejuvenation in mind, something that will enrich not just your skin but also your spirit. Each product is tried, tested, and loved by us (and friends!) before we share it with everyone. 

Want to collaborate with us? Send an email to hello@veste.ph. Excited to hear from you!