Opal Roller


Opal rolling has a lot of benefits. It doesn’t only improve the appearance of skin giving you a natural face lift, but it also feels heavenly as it massages your face.

Energy Profile: Opal is a highly protective stone. It shields you from negative energies. This stone also has the ability of taking your desires and putting them out into the universe. From ancient times, it has been believed for its power to heal disordered energy, which is perfect when you want to calm down ups and downs of your feelings.

Our opal roller is made of authentic natural opal stone and its holder is securely welded together for extra sturdiness.


-Boosts blood circulation

-Stimulates collagen production

-Improves elasticity of the skin and skin tone

-Tones muscles

-Promotes lymphatic drainage

-Reduces puffiness and inflammation, which are some of the root causes of aging

-Diminishes dark under eye circles

-Eliminates toxins

-Helps your serums get absorbed faster and work better

Due to natural stone formation, each tool will be unique in color.


Use morning and/or night time for 5 to 10 minutes. Apply a serum, face oil, moisturiser or mask to a freshly cleansed face. Use the roller by rolling it in upward and outward motions. Never roll back and forth. Continue this motion on each section of your face. To clean your roller, use a gentle soap and dry thoroughly or simply wipe it down with a clean cloth. Keep in fridge for an even greater soothing effect.

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